Hummer EV Crab Mode Teased In New Video

As we count down to the official reveal of the all-new Hummer EV later tonight, we’d like to share a teaser video about the upcoming model. Released about a month ago in September, the teaser video demonstrates a feature dubbed Crab Mode or Crab Walk. The GMC Hummer EV Crab Mode is made possible by a unique four-wheel steering setup that can turn all four wheels in the same direction, enabling the battery-powered Supertruck to drive diagonally.

This new feature, which GMC says is “tailor-made for off-roading customers,” could make a lot of off-road obstacles easier to navigate. Additionally, it could make parallel parking a much easier task.

Separate from crab mode, four-wheel steering could provide more tangible benefits in normal driving situations. For instance, GM previously offered four-wheel steering on several trucks and the recently-discontinued Cadillac CT6. In these vehicles, four-wheel-steering system enhanced maneuverability at low speeds, often decreasing the turning radius.

GMC Hummer EV Infotainment - Video Screen Layout - Crab Walk - Epic Unreal HMI 002

The Crab Walk video teaser also shows a glimpse of the Hummer EV’s infotainment interface, which will utilize the Unreal Engine for its underpinnings. Thanks to that, the graphical representation of the Hummer EV Crab Mode looks pretty good. Other elements of the Supertruck’s infotainment system will also benefit from the collaboration.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup - Teaser - Grille

The official reveal of the new Hummer EV, expected to be dubbed the Hummer EV Sport Utility Truck (SUT), will take place on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 at 8pm EST. Reservations for the new Supertruck will open at the same time and require a deposit of $100. You can watch the reveal live here.

There is a lot more Hummer EV news to come, so be sure to check back in with And if you want to get involved in the conversation, head over to our Hummer Forum section to discuss all things Hummer, new and old.

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