This Hummer H1 Camper Will Keep You Comfy Just About Anywhere

The original Hummer H1 was produced between 1992 and 2006 as one of the most capable off-roader vehicles ever sold to civilians. It’s an ideal conveyance for those that want to get off the pavement and out into the natural world. However, what about those that want to bring a slice of civilized comfort along for the ride? For folks like that, this one-of-a-kind Hummer H1 camper could be a perfect fit.

Spotted for sale on the vehicle auction website cars & bids, this Hummer H1 camper sports a custom-made rear shell fitted to the bed to create a mobile living space ready for the great outdoors. Open up the rear-facing door, and you’ll find a range of features to make your next excursion easy and comfortable, including a queen-size mattress, a twin-burner gas cooktop, a sink with a 35-gallon freshwater tank and water pump, and a 5-gallon propane tank, not to mention a few assorted storage bins.

The rear camper also comes with an awning that extends out for a little extra shade on demand.

In addition to the comfort-enhancers, this Hummer H1 was fitted with a 20-gallon saddle fuel tank, bumping up total fuel capacity to 60 gallons, as well as a Garmin GPS antenna and CB radio antenna. The seller states that the engine was chipped and fitted with an aftermarket exhaust, while the suspension was upgraded to handle to extra weight.

Now, this unique Hummer H1 camper is up for grabs, with the current bid set at $6,969 as of this writing (12/1/2020). No doubt that figure will rise substantially by the time the auction ends next week on December 8th.

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