Four-Door Hummer H1 Pickup Rendering Brings Trick Racing Vibes

With its square body design and military-spec past, the Hummer H1 provides customizers with a blank slate upon which any number of highly capable machines can be built. Now, one digital artist has created this slick new H1 pickup rendering, which rocks a number of custom touches that radiate trick racing vibes.

Posted online by Al Yasid Oozeear, a digital artist based out of London, this Hummer H1 rendering demands attention from every angle. The old school body design comes with four doors for ingress and egress, including two shortened doors in the rear leading to an extended bed section. The whole thing exudes performance and a tough, go-anywhere attitude.

Per the post description accompanying this Hummer H1 rendering, the artist who created it says that he was a bit disappointed by the design of the all-new Hummer EV, complaining that it looks a bit too tame and generic for his tastes.

“The H1 though… absolute perfection,” the artist says.

“I wish they’d go back to the H1 with the sharp edges and corners rather than trying to polish everything all the time,” he adds.

To make his Hummer H1 design pop even more, the artist added a beefy-looking bash bar up front, while massive tires fill the corners. The profile pops with a set of polished exhaust side pipes, while the rear fenders are flared out like a trophy truck. Sitting in back is a complex of roll bars that extend to the rear of the bed, while LED lighting can be found front and back. Finally, the rear end mounts a large spare tire and wheel under the bed.

While the design isn’t exactly practical, or even really useful for competition, it certainly has the right stuff to capture a few stares. Tame and generic, this thing is not.


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