Hummer EV Pickup To Feature Dynamic Bump Zone Feature

From four-wheel-steer and CrabWalk Mode, to off-road controls via widgets and an emulated e-Locker, the all-new Hummer EV pickup boasts a range of impressive technology to help it roll over any and all terrain. Now, we’re learning more about the new Hummer’s adaptive suspension system, which includes something called Dynamic Bump Zone.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup - Edition 1 - Exterior 100 - 22-inch accessory wheel with Bronze accents

Mike Colville, senior manager of complex feature integration at Hummer’s parent company, General Motors, discussed some of the more interesting off-roading features that the Hummer EV has to offer. Among these was Dynamic Bump Zone, which will adjust the Hummer’s suspension when tackling particularly large obstacles, as per a report from the Detroit Free Press.

According to Colville, the onboard systems of the Hummer EV pickup will be able to identify when the vehicle is traveling over a large bump and firm up the suspension in response, which in turn makes for a more comfortable experience in the cabin.

As a passionate off-roading enthusiast, Colville had the experience and insight necessary to make sure the Hummer EV performed on the trail.

“My race truck had only 19 inches of suspension travel so anything over 18 inches of a bump, you had to do something to adjust to it or you’d go airborne,” Colville said. “We had a bypass shock, which basically, at the beginning or end of travel, makes the suspension really firm. But it was done with physical parts that didn’t have any electronics or smarts to them, that we’d spend hours tuning.”

In addition to Dynamic Bump Zone, the Hummer EV pickup’s Adaptive Air Suspension, standard on Hummer EV2X trims and above, will allow the user to automatically adjust the vehicle ride height, lowering or raising the supertruck to suit the terrain, whether it’s a rock-strewn trail, or smooth highway tarmac.

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