Hummer H1 Boldly Carves A Path Through North Californian Snow: Video

A few weeks ago, we shared a video clip of a black Hummer H2 plowing through snow like a boss. And prior to that, we showed another one of a yellow Hummer H2 doing much the same thing. Since it’s well known that the only thing better than a video of a Hummer H2 in snow is a video of a Hummer H1 in snow, we present an example of that very thing. Advance warning: there are swears on the soundtrack.

The scene is a small part of the Mount Shasta Ski Park in northern California, located on an extinct volcano between the small city of Mount Shasta and the even smaller town of McCloud. Nearby trees are almost covered in snow, but there is far more on the ground. In fact, it’s so deep, it comes nearly to the top of the tires on the dark green Hummer H1, and on the nearby H3 which takes no part in what is to follow.

The action must have started before the video does, since the Hummer H1’s headlights and grille are already covered by a barrier of snow. Its driver now attempts to drive a full circle counter-clockwise, but can’t quite make it, to the hilarity of his companion with the camera. Next time he tries harder, and not only completes a full 360 but almost manages two complete turns before straightening up and briefly becoming stuck.

He reverses out of that situation, then manages to keep going for a full half minute before coming to a halt as he leans out through the window and tries to touch the top of the snow, which he can’t quite reach. He, his companion and a friend standing beside the H3 are all having fun, which is clearly what this whole exercise has been about.

The Hummer H1 was the civilian version of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (shortened to HMMWV and pronounced “Humvee”) built by AM General. The Humvee first saw combat in Panama in 1989, three years before the H1 went into production. General Motors acquired the rights to the Hummer brand in 1999 and continued offering the H1 until 2006. It was available with a 5.7L V8 L05 Small Block gasoline engine or several turbodiesels ranging in size from 6.2 and 6.6 liters.

Now you know all that, sit back and enjoy 1 minutes and 46 seconds of Hummer H1-in-the-snow action.

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