Hummer EV Pickup To Offer Nearly 200 Accessories: Exclusive

The upcoming Hummer EV pickup truck will be available with nearly 200 accessories, has learned from sources familiar with the accessory strategy for the vehicle.

We currently don’t have specifics on which items will be part of the 200 accessories, but a look at the top-selling items for the GM line could provide some clues about what to expect:

  • Interior
    • Illuminated door sill plates
    • Interior trim kits
    • Premium all-weather floor liners
    • Carpeted floor mats
  • Exterior
    • Mirror caps
    • Decal and stripe packages
    • Emblems
    • Splash guards
    • Assist steps
  • Bed protection
    • Bedliners
    • Bed mats
    • Tailgate liners
  • Tonneau covers
    • Soft roll-up
    • Soft folding
    • Hard folding
    • Hard rolling
    • Retractable
    • One-piece painted

GM also offers various accessories to increase the power of its ICE-powered vehicles, such as performance air intakes, exhaust upgrades and polished exhaust tips. On a battery electric vehicle that neither breathes in air nor emits exhaust, such items seem superfluous at best.

That said, we’re certain that there will be all kinds of vehicle-specific accessories for the Hummer EV pickup that are not on this list. We’re also told that the broad array of Hummer EV accessories will offer owners plenty of opportunity to customize the electric supertruck.

We expect to have the complete accessories list well in advance of the Hummer EV Edition 1’s launch in the fall of 2021. Once we get our hands on it, you can be sure that will be the first to report it.

While we’re waiting for that, we can always enjoy another look at the excellent Hummer EV video which General Motors Design recently uploaded to its Instagram account. And there’s the prospect of watching the official reveal of the next Hummer model – the Hummer EV SUV, likely in an ad to be broadcast during Super Bowl LV.

Stay tuned to to make sure you don’t miss a beat. And remember to join the Hummer Forum to share your questions, thoughts, and advice with fellow Hummer enthusiasts from around the world.

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