GMC Hummer EV SUV May Not Debut During Super Bowl LV

With the all-new GMC Hummer EV pickup now officially out in the open, attention now turns to the next body style in the lineup, namely the upcoming Hummer EV SUV. Previous reports indicated that the new Hummer SUV will debut during an ad spot during Super Bowl LV, but now, it’s looking as though those earlier rumors may not be true.

In a recent media call attended by Hummer Nation, Buick and GMC chief Duncan Aldred announced that neither brand would run advertisements during Super Bowl LV in February. As such, it bears to reason that GMC is saving the new Hummer EV SUV debut for some other event.

Rumors that the Hummer EV SUV would finally drop cover during the Super Bowl follow an ad spot for the Hummer EV pickup that aired during Super Bowl LIV last year. What’s more, dealers that attended a conference in December were told by GMC’s parent company, General Motors, that the upcoming Hummer EV SUV would bow in February of 2021.

As such, while it looks like the upcoming all-electric SUV won’t drop cover during the Super Bowl, it will still make its grand entrance sometime this month, much to the relief of Hummer fans eager to learn more about the latest Hummer’s second body style.

At this point, we’ve already seen the new Hummer SUV thanks to GM’s presentation at the Barclay’s Global Automotive Conference held last November, during which the upcoming all-electric utility was parked on stage.

Beyond the new body style, the Hummer SUV is expected to be identical to the pickup model in terms of specs, with the same trim level structure and upwards of 1,000 horsepower for the range-topper.

We’ll cover the new Hummer SUV debut as it happens, so stay tuned. Until then, stick with to make sure you don’t miss a beat on all the latest Hummer EV news, and remember to join the Hummer Forum to share your questions, thoughts, and advice with fellow Hummer enthusiasts from around the world.

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