Hummer EV Pickup Truck In The Wild: Photos

So far, we’ve seen the all-new Hummer EV pickup in a series of official press photos and videos, with the battery-driven off-roader shown exclusively in a controlled, staged environment. Now, however, we’re getting an eyeful of the Hummer EV pickup out in the real world.

Hummer Nation has captured the new GMC Hummer EV pickup in prototype form as it undergoes testing. Interestingly, this GMC Hummer prototype can be seen alongside several other General Motors products, including a prototype of the upcoming 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 mid-cycle refresh, a Chevy Tahoe, and a GMC Acadia as well.

We also spot the Hummer EV on top of a flatbed, which, consequently, is pulled by a Chevy Silverado Medium Duty truck, the brand’s commercial-grade beast. As such, it provides some good context with which to evaluate the Hummer EV pickup, alongside the traffic for further comparison.

This particular model is noteworthy for a number of different reasons. For starters, it’s missing the fenders and body trim seen on the reveal model, while also bearing placeholder lighting for the front end. The front end also removes a trim piece that reveals the mounting position of the license plate.

Up top, we notice a shark-fin antenna mounted to the roof, which is missing from some of the initial Hummer EV photos. Lower in the body, there are new running boards, which incorporate steel tube protection and could be simple placeholder items, as well well as sideview mirrors that are much sleeker than those seen in the reveal, and could also be placeholder items.

Moving to the rear, we find further placeholder lighting, as well as a redesigned tailgate that adds what appears to be a new backup camera. We also spot some changes to the prototype’s rear control arms.

The interior of this Hummer EV pickup prototype is covered in camo, but what is visible appears to be consistent with what was seen in the reveal.

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