We Render The 2022 Hummer EV Pickup In Various Colors

With only a few months to go before the launch of the GMC Hummer EV all-electric pickup truck this fall, there is still no information from General Motors about what colors will be available for the new supertruck. So we have done the natural thing and invented some ourselves.

They do not include the white paintwork which has already been seen in official images and on the Hummer EV we recently photographed out in the real world. What our artists have done is create nine additional colors that cover the color spectrum, as you can see in the photos below.

Hot Sauce Red

Given the considerable size of the Hummer EV (it’s larger than the Chevy Tahoe SUV in every dimension except perhaps height, which has yet to be confirmed), drivers will be the center of attention wherever there are other road users present, no matter what color they choose. However, dedicated exhibitionists might be especially interested in Hot Sauce Red, which will catch the attention of even the least interested onlooker.

Stinger Yellow

Running a close second to Hot Sauce Red in the “look at me!” derby is Stinger Yellow. Along with the contrasting black bumpers and bodywork protection, this gives the Hummer EV a distinctly waspish look, and everyone pays attention to wasps.

Sand Dune

For a more subdued tone, how about Sand Dune? This one is a deal more subtle than the previous two, and as our image shows it can give the pickup truck a certain amount of camouflage in some environments.

Acid Green

A Hummer EV painted in Acid Green won’t be camouflaged anywhere, unless it’s driven into something that will do it – and its occupants – a tremendous amount of harm. This paintwork is unlikely to be considered for a military version of the type which has recently been suggested.

Deep Forest Green

However, a military Hummer EV might reasonably be painted in Deep Forest Green. Other than a rustling in the undergrowth, this vehicle might not be noticed by hiding combatants on the opposing side until it’s too late.

Reef Blue

A Reef Blue Hummer EV would definitely work only in civilian situations. We can imagine it looking pretty cool parked on a beach.

Strato Blue

Strato Blue is more suitable for Hummer owners who don’t want to shout about their vehicle. It still makes the Hummer look very imposing, but it’s a color likely to be chosen by introverts.

Spec Gray

The same applies to Spec Gray. This one is for people who want the vehicle to do the talking, rather than its color scheme.

Stellar Black

Finally, there’s Stellar Black, which might be the most imposing color of all. A Hummer EV painted in this color doesn’t shout about itself because it doesn’t need to. Anyone who knows about the vehicle will get the point.

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