Hummer EV SUV Reveal Set For April 3

Back in October, the debut of the all-new 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup rewrote the off-roader rulebook with a high-powered all-electric drive system. Now, Hummer is cooking up a follow-up with a new SUV body set to drop cover in April.

Hummer Nation rendering
Hummer Nation rendering

In a recent press release, GMC announced that the new Hummer EV SUV was set to debut on April 3rd, 2021, at 5 p.m. EDT. The battery-driven SUV will be shown during television coverage of the NCAA Final Four, and will also be shown online via livestream. Immediately following the new Hummer SUV’s reveal, GMC will open up reservations to interested customers.

GMC teased the debut with a brief video, which shows the Hummer EV pickup conducting some cold-weather testing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sliding around on a snow-covered track. At the end of the video, we see “4.3.21, 5PM ET, There’s More To Our Hummer EV Story,” followed by a shadowy silhouette of the new SUV body style.

We previously saw the new Hummer EV SUV during the 2020 Barclay’s Automotive Conference late last year, during which the vehicle was parked on stage behind several General Motors executives, showing off a boxy, bold exterior style. Beyond the new body, the rest of the Hummer EV SUV is expected to be identical to the Hummer EV pickup, riding on the same BT1 electric vehicle platform and utilizing an Ultium lithium-ion battery pack for motivation. Output is expected to reach as high as 1,000 horsepower, with 60 mph arriving in just 3 seconds.

2020 Barclay’s Automotive Conference
2020 Barclay’s Automotive Conference

Additionally, the Hummer EV SUV is expected to feature the same electronic goodies as the pickup, such as Crab Mode and four-wheel steering

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