Designer’s Vision Of A GMC Hummer EV Base Camp: Video

As part of its pre-launch promotion for the upcoming Hummer EV, GMC asked designer Kelly Wearstler, of Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID), to imagine a garage suitable for the all-electric pickup truck. Wearstler responded enthusiastically, and produced what is being referred to as a base camp, with the suggestion that a vehicle parked there is merely pausing on its way to ever greater adventures.

The result of the project is not simply a static image of a base camp, but a nearly minute-long video showing the Hummer EV being driven through an imaginary (yet somehow familiar) landscape toward the base camp, which turns out to be a large living space as well as somewhere to park the truck.

“This visualized journey recalls movement in the landscapes of Southern California, the bronzes almost layered in with the reds of the desert,” says Wearstler, who was born in South Carolina, but has lived in California for most of her adult life.

The virtual Hummer EV arrives at the base camp “through striking metallic gates with the H subtly embedded in their design.” The vehicle is lifted up on a slowly rotating platform to the living space, which is “incredibly inspired by the vehicle’s interior. This is why you see this amazing bronze architecture.” Sure enough, the bronze color used for several parts of the Hummer EV interior does appear in several parts of the building, as it did earlier in the California-style scenery.

“The approach to the garage interior encapsulates my design philosophy, which is a mix of old soul and new spirit – the perfect combination between the Hummer’s sense of discovery and the great outdoors.”

“What drew me to this project was that Hummer was advancing the dialogue of the automotive design, and that was a really interesting creative challenge that I was excited to be part of.”

The full video and commentary can be found on GMC’s YouTube channel here:

It can also be seen on the GM brand’s Instagram account here:


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