GMC And Perception Create Hummer EV Digital User Experience: Video

GMC parent company General Motors has announced an ongoing collaboration with New York-based visual effects company Perception. The fruits of this association will be seen when the upcoming GMC Hummer EV all-electric pickup truck goes on sale in the fall of this year.

Perception has worked with GMC on the digital experience inside the Hummer EV, particularly the instrument cluster and center stack. With its experience in the movie industry, Perception has aimed to provide a cinematic experience from the moment the vehicle is turned on.

The displays have a lunar theme which is maintained throughout the operation of the Hummer EV. The brightness of the lunar backdrop varies according to lighting conditions – an especially important feature considering how much light comes through the vehicle’s Infinity Roof during daylight hours.

GMC and Perception have also aimed at making the Hummer EV’s digital experience as innovative as possible. These efforts including designing unique iconography and even an all-new typeface.

“Throughout the HUMMER EV Digital Experience, there are several key interactions that celebrate dramatic moments within the vehicle,” said John LePore, Chief Creative Director at Perception. “From statements of incredible performance, to capabilities never before seen in an automobile, these moments leverage Perception’s cinematic capabilities to capture the spirit of the incredible HUMMER EV.”

Perception describes itself as “a cutting edge design lab pioneering the visionary process of science fiction thinking to architect the future”. It has developed imaginary future technology and gadgets seen in major films including Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Spider-Man: Far From Home and the Iron Man movies. At the same time, it has worked on real-world technology for companies such as IBM, Intel and Samsung.

Hummer EV Pickup Models
Edition 1 EV3X EV2X EV2
Motors Three Three Two Two
Power 1,000 hp 800 hp 625 hp 625 hp
Wheel torque 11,500 lb.-ft. 9,500 lb.-ft. 7,400 lb.-ft. 7,400 lb.-ft.
Range 350+ miles (est.) 300+ miles (est.) 300+ miles (est.) 250+ miles (est.)
Sale date Fall 2021 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Spring 2024
Starting price $112,595 $99,995 $89,995 $79,995

The Edition 1 version of the Hummer EV pickup will give buyers their first chance to experience Perception’s design in their own vehicle later this year. In that form, it will have an output of 1,000 horsepower, and will be priced to start at $112,595. Three less powerful and more affordable versions will become available over the following two and a half years. An SUV version of the Hummer EV, due to arrive early in 2023, has recently been revealed.

A video montage showing all the work that Perception did for the Hummer EV digital displays can be seen here:

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