Hummer EV Pickup Goes Off-Roading In Moab: Video

The all-new Hummer EV Pickup truck promises a revolutionary combination of impressive off-roading prowess and zero local emissions, and now, we’re seeing it in action at some of the legendary four-wheeling trails in Moab, Utah.

For those readers who may be drawing a blank, Moab is a city in eastern Utah known for a variety of outdoor activities, in particular some truly epic off-roading trails, offering both novice and experienced four-wheelers fun in the rough stuff.

Now, the 2022 Hummer EV pickup is on location to test its mettle (and its metal) against the rocky terrain, going to work as it crawls across uneven terrain, dirt-covered trails, and up steep inclines.

Clocking in at just over 30 seconds long, the video leaves us wanting more, with the vehicles featured riding the off-roading trails with flying colors. The vehicles featured in the video are also noteworthy for the way they look, with a variety of exterior styling differences compared to the standard production vehicles, such as new front fascias lined in black cladding, deleted fender flares and rocker panels, and other details.

According to GMC, the convoy of Hummer EV pickups was in Moab to test various onboard features, such as calibration for the available Terrain Mode, which offers two braking configurations, one with mild braking for two-foot driving, and One-Pedal Driving control for low-speed off-roading. What’s more, the Hummer EV’s Adaptive Air Suspension features variable ride height settings, with Extract Mode raising the supertruck by six inches to help it more easily navigate uneven ground.

Further off-roading features include eLockers, stability control, four-wheel steering, and CrabWalk mode.

Watch the Hummer EV Pickup doing some off-roading in the video below:

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