GM Design Team Releases Detailed Hummer EV Lighting Images

The GMC Hummer EV upends the concept of what an off-roader should be by ditching the internal combustion and replacing it with a brand-new, all-electric powertrain, not to mention a long list of future-leaning tech tricks. As a complement to all that good stuff, the latest Hummer EV also comes with a variety of cool exterior details, including several lighting features, both front and back. Now, we’re getting a closer look at the new Hummer’s lighting details with the following photos.

Coming to us from GMC’s parent company, General Motors, which posted the images to the official GM Design Instagram feed (@generalmotorsdesign), these images highlight some of the individual lighting details that Hummer EV fan may have missed.

Indeed, the closer we look, the more we find. The tail lights, for example, feature the Hummer EV logo as a graphic inside the tail light housing, while on top of the tailgate, the central stop lamp is shaped like a stretched “H.” Meanwhile, up front, the full Hummer logo is displayed in the light bar across the nose, while the headlamps in the corners mirror the rear central stop lamp with the stretched “H” shape.

Looking higher up, the roof also sports a few unique lighting touches, including a trio of amber markers in front, and a trio of red markers in the rear.

“The Hummer EV Exterior Lighting team evolved aspects of the heritage front grille and created a unique lighting signature that comes alive when you approach the vehicle,” GM Design explains.


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For those customers that want to stand out from the crowd, the new GMC Hummer EV is sure to provide head-turning style and road presence – especially with these unique lighting elements to illuminate the way forward.

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