Trademark Filing Suggests GMC Hummer EV Coming To New Zealand

A new trademark filing could suggest that the GMC Hummer EV could be headed to New Zealand.

Hummer’s parent firm, General Motors Company, has filed to trademark “GMC” with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, has learned. Assigned serial number 1164868 and filed on November 24th, 2020, the filing lists that the intended goods and services category as “Motor land vehicles.”

The GMC trademark filing in New Zealand theoretically foreshadows the arrival of the new Hummer EV to the country. As of this writing, GMC has announced plans to sell the Hummer EV pickup in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. No plans have been disclosed about the supertruck’s availability in New Zealand.

Curiously, a similar trademark filing has not yet been made in Australia, though it’s likely on the way given that General Motors typically treats Australia and New Zealand identically from a product standpoint.

It is worth noting that GM directly marketed Hummer in New Zealand and Australia in the past with the H3 model, back when Hummer was a standalone GM brand, as opposed to a model of GMC. As a result, the potential arrival of the GMC Hummer EV in the region would not represent the first time that a product with the Hummer name would be sold there. If the Hummer EV does end up being offered in New Zealand or Australia, the event would represent the first time ever that the GMC brand will have been marketed directly in region.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup - Edition 1 - Exterior 056 - side profile - beach

What’s more, offering the Hummer EV in the region could potentially indicate that the vehicle is capable of a right-hand-drive configuration or that GM plans on converting it to right-hand-drive. Neither option has been announced at this point in time.

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